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For nearly a decade, our expert team has been at the forefront of Kenyan immigration and nationality law. We specialize in providing comprehensive immigration services for both corporate and individual clients, facilitating a seamless transition for those looking to live and work in Kenya.



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"Excellent, prominent and dynamic personality person. In African countries, we find very few people like Liz Katiwa"

Chakravarthy PVVP

Regional Manager, Softnet

"Working with Liz over the past 2 Years has been a wonderful experience. She is always professional and provides excellent service. Highly recommended!"

Evelyn Wanjiru

People operations | Talent Management | Global Talent Aquisition

"Liz is professionalism personafied! She delivers ahead of time and adds immense value to her work and that of her clients. Thanks Liz!"

Nick Daniels

Policy, Partnerships and Strategy in East Africa