Business Visa

The Business Visa is for foreigners starting or investing in a business in Kenya. The applicant will need to comply with various statutory requirements and have a minimum investment amount  in order to qualify for this visa.

Corparate Visa

The Corporate Visa is for companies that are required to fill a large number of skilled positions for ongoing projects or commitments, where skills are not readily available in Kenya

Exchange Visa

The Exchange Visa permits an applicant to participate in a program of cultural, economic or social exchange and, therefore, needs to adhere to conditions stated by the Kenyan government and the relevant institution.

General Work Visa

The General Work Visa requirements are specific. The applicant’s employer must be based in Kenya and after a diligent search; the employer must prove that the employee’s position cannot be performed by a Kenyan citizen or Permanent Resident.

Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa

The Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa is designed for companies who have an affiliate or subsidiary business operations in Kenya, and need to transfer foreign staff to work for Kenya for a limited period of time.