Special Pass

  • Issued under Regulation 34 of Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Regulations, 2012.
  • Intended for foreigners entering or staying in Kenya for a limited period or engaging in temporary business.
  • Valid for a short duration, not exceeding three (3) months.


1. Authorization:

  • Original Authorization Letter for KenyaLink Facilitators Limited (if using their services).

2. Application Form:

  • Original, completed, and signed Application Form 32, stamped by the Kenyan employing company.

3. Passport Documents:

  • Copy of the national passport (bio data page).
  • Copy of current immigration status if already in Kenya.
  • Copy of any official receipt or acknowledgment for permit processing.

4. Photographs:

  • Two passport size photos (not older than 6 months, full face without hat, and unstamped).

5. Employment Verification:

  • Original Forwarding Letter from the Kenyan institution confirming employment.
  • Certified copies of professional and academic certificates.

6. Company Details:

  • Copy of Registration Certificate of the Company/Organization.
  • Copy of CV.

7. Clearance Letters:

  • Original Clearance Letter from the NGO Board (for NGO employees).
  • Original Clearance from relevant regulatory bodies if applicable (e.g., Ministry of Information, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Ministry of Mines and Geology, Ministry of Tourism, Dentist, and Medical Practitioners Board).

Ensure all documents are in order and meet the specified requirements before proceeding with the application process.


1. Fee: Ksh. 15,000/= per month Via:

2. Application Fee:

  • Due after Special Pass Approval is produced

3. Payment Deadline:

  • Within thirty (30) days from the date of notification

4. Consequence of Non-Payment:

  • Failure to pay within 30 days will render the approval null and void (Section 56, Immigration Regulation 2012).

5. Renewal:

  • Special Pass is valid for 6 Months ; can be renewed Twice ; a period of 3 months each . Contact us for more information on this